Plus Model Magazine and Jessica London Announce the Winner of $200 Gift Certificate.

We’re so happy that women all over the United States are discovering and enjoying Jessica London’s collections. Plus size clothing should not only fit but also empower and bring confidence to women who deserve only the best fashions when working, playing and everything in between. We want to champion the plus size woman whenever possible to give her all the same fashion options as smaller size brands. No two women’s bodies or styles are alike so why should you ever have to wear the same plus size dress as another woman just because it was the only one you could find in your size? Who hasn’t had to go to a formal occasion and had trouble finding a plus size special occasion dress that we love? Or even a casual plus size dress that isn’t shaped like a tent? We hope that this will never happen again to any young lady or woman for as long as we can help it. We’ve been proud to watch the plus size clothing industry blossom over the past several years. With that said, read more about plus size fashion trends at Plus Model Magazine and see the winning entry on why we love fall fashion! Click here to read about the contest.

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